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Well, we believe that there are not enough “good” nurses to go around. Our focus is identifying the great ones and working together with our client to retain them. Being in business since 1987 has helped create an expansive data base of candidates and our process ensures that we are going to put the right nurse in the right facility in the right position. If you are nurse looking for a position, we have thousands of relationships and we can help put you in the your next great opportunity.

We Believe in Retention

Retention is your best recruitment strategy. A workplace that allows nurses to meet personal and professional needs–offering such things as quality patient care, decent salaries, workable workloads, flexibility in staffing–then that word of mouth goes out.

The key to retention is knowing that it’s all about people. We’re trying to help employers see that they have to look at retention as being long-term. There has to be someone who is responsible and accountable in the agencies for retention. Protocol spends a significant amount of time constant touching bases with nurses we place to ensure that that are happy. We try to head off an problems before they happen.

Employer branding pays dividends to hospitals and the image of nursing goes beyond just finding the med-surg nurse that you need to put on staff tomorrow. Hospitals should focus on how they are perceived as a place to work. Protocol will help you take that image out to the nurses and the public.

More energy also needs to be focused on changing the image of nursing to a profession that young people would desire. Advertising and promotional efforts should not only communicate what type of care hospitals provide but also the quality of an institutions caregivers. That, in turn, communicates how you provide healthcare to the community.

Image is important and creating an image for teens and even younger people should no longer be the job of nursing schools. Employers need to get into the game.

Don’t sacrifice a good fit for quick fix

There is no magic answer to staffing shortages but despite the challenges and pressure to fill positions quickly, Protocols recruiters still keep a good fit in mind. Everyone is motivated by different things and we think you still have to really keep in mind that you want a good placement. One that’s going to last and not just be a quick fill.

This is a new era in healthcare. Employers are an important part of the solution in making the long-term commitment to rebuild the nursing population. Moving forward over the next several years, changing demographics and an aging population in the United States will place even greater burdens on our healthcare systems. Protocol plans to provide substantial support and resources to help alleviate this burden for years to come.

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Its been often said that there are not enough nurses to go around and the nurses that you recruit today, your competition will recruit from you tomorrow.

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