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It’s the first line of defense.

Before heavy drugs or even surgery is used, physical therapy can be and is an effective tool for healing while avoiding more aggressive interventions.

Therapists love their job, because to them, it is not a job. It is helping people in ways they would not be able to help themselves, with compassion and empathy. You’re committed to your practice, and what you love about your chosen profession is that it is very gratifying to be a part of relieving someone’s pain and returning them back to a “normal” life.

Protocol has experienced professionals who have a clear and expert understanding of this industry. The resources and tools that are available to us and our partnerships with our clients have made us a very trusted and reliable choice to fulfill staffing shortages.

If you are an occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, respiratory therapist, speech-language pathologist or student in one of these disciplines call us and we can help you with your career

The job outlook for rehab therapy practitioners is strong, even during weak economic times. There is opportunity for remarkable experiences in a dynamic career. We are there when you need us.

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